s14 tie rod torque specs Then I'm finding 55 Which is it? I replaced my drag link this weekend and the end that connects to the passenger side knuckle, I torqued to 65 and the cotton pin hole does not line up w/ the castle nut. How-To & Tools. 5" Gr 5 130 - 170 11 *Wheel Spindle Nut/Wheel Bearing Adjustment 1 1/2" - 18 Gr 5 See Wheel Bearing Adj. A36. M10 / M11 Jointing torque 20 Nm M10 torque angle 70 degrees M11 torque angle 100 degrees Connecting rods and bearings, Replace wash and oil screws Application torque 5Nm Jointing torque 20Nm Torque angle 80 degrees S14 Limit Break Front Lower Control Arms, tension rods, sway bar links set. the hole is up higher. S14 240sx. 0mm pitch. Fastener Type. Camber plate has a caster adjustment . 7ft-lb Alternator Support - 33ft-lb Belt Tensioner - 16ft-lb (to block) Belt Tensioner Pulley - 31ft-lb Belt Tensioner Test - 19. SPECIFICATIONS. Nov 19, 2014 · Anything less will allow the bolts to be loaded and unloaded by the load on the cylinder, which can fatigue the tie rods over time. This allows the Steering linkage to be moved for the best possible access to the ends' fasteners by grabbing one of the axle hubs Jan 19, 2021 · Please forgive me if this has been previously addressed. 235. . Oct 21, 2009 · Tie rod torque specs? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 6 of 6 Posts. Manufacturer Part Number: 210 338 04 15 210 338 05 15 210 338 06 15 EV437 ES3632 ES3633 A210 338 06 15 103380515 2103380615 A210 338 0515 A210 338 0615 Warranty & Shipping. Search Car Torque Specifications by Engine or Model. Is that nut called “tie rod end stud nut”? I mean the stud you see in the picture. burnett09, on Flickr. 5 kgf·m, 32 lbf·ft) Location Item Remark Torque Front suspension Wheel nuts 108 N·m (11. 5 rack threads. Thread starter m_dogg; Start date Aug 3, 2016; m_dogg TCG Elite Member. 5J width wheels in ET20 to 35 will go straight on your S14 front or rear without requiring any arch work. It is putting the new tie rod on where if tight is good, tighter must be better. Regards Torque Specification. Featured with Load Sensing System, it has lower running costs and a reduced . The torque you need is in the length of a standard length snap on wrench and the normal feel. So, you don't need to know how 27 lb-ft feels like but you better know . A572. Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated. lbs. New Version 2! Our outer tie rods will correct and reduce bumpsteer on lowered cars due to lower arm geometry. 3 Block Drain Bolt - 61ft-lb Connecting Rod Bolts - 18ft-lb + 90* Crankshaft Pulley Bolt - 181f Apr 11, 2018 · The following specs apply to the following Ford Windsor engines: 351W. ISR Performance Outer Tie Rod Ends - 89-98 Nissan 240sx S13 S14. Step 7: Now slide the tie rod shank into the knuckle. Jan 01, 2014 · If you look at their catalogue they don't mention a front rack end slash tie rod for RWD R33 . Brake tube bracket x Steering knuckle. How tight should these nuts be and if it is more . for replacing tie rod end on dodge. This is meant to be a general guideline. Aug 05, 2005 · Tie rod end torque spec? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 2 of 2 Posts. 594 Posts. D-MAX D1 SPEC Tie Rod End - S13, S14, S15 Silvia Set of brand new D-MAX D1 SPEC Tie Rod End for the Nissan Silvia S13, S14 and S15. May 01, 2018 · The manual I got from the forums only has chapter 19. Coupling lower to upper clamp. On a 5/8-11 you could get that with about 90 ft-lb on each rod. I searched the internet for torque spec on the castle nut that secures the tie rod end to the steering knuckle. #8 · Jul 25, 2012. at the wheel . This what I found so far correct me if I'm wrong please or let me know what is correct. 8 lb-ft of torque; BMW tie rod = 110Nm or 81. 21. Joined Jan 4, 2005 · 41 Posts . Ball joints, Tie rod ends, Drag link to Pitman arm, All the ones with Cotter pin are 42-47 ft lbs while aligning the NEW cotter pin. 29. 8 or 10. May 05, 2007 · Tie Rod End Retaining Nuts — F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550 90 67 </pre><hr /> My steering was horrible until my front-end shop adjusted the torque on the steering box. Steering Linkage Outer Tie Rod End Stud Nut (2nd Pass)160 deg Camshaft Retainer Bolts 25 18 --. There should be 2 for the ball joints. Uh, use 50 lb-ft. 714. See below] Torque ft-lb: Remarks: Front Axle Clamp Bolts: 15: AL: Front Fork Top Plugs: 26 : Lower Front Fork Clamp Bolts: 17: AL: Lower Rear Shock Absorber Nut : 25 : Piston Rod Guide Case: 66 : Rear Shock Absorber Bracket Nut: 44 : Swingarm Pivot Adjusting Collar Locknut: 72. 4L Turbo auto KL4CJDSB2GB652675:smilie_flagge17: Mar 02, 2017 · So I guess that torque spec. -lbs. Jul 02, 2019 · Axle Shaft Nut177 lb ftBrake Hose Bracket Bolt80 lb inBrake Hose Clip Bolts106 lb inFrame Cross Bar74 lb ftHub and Bearing Assembly to Steering Knuckle Bolts133 lb ftJounce Bumper Stud Nut22 lb ftLower Ball Joint (Replacement) to Lower Control Arm Nuts52 lb ftLower Control Arm Ball Joint Stud Nut74 lb ftLower Control Arm to Frame Nuts107 lb ftOuter Tie Rod Jam Nut50 lb ftShock Absorber Tennon . rear wheel drive only. Inner tie rod, mounted to the steering rack. I tend to think they are the same as N15 2L/late S14 200SX/R34 RWD because they are all from approximately the mid 90s era and use the same thread sizes . The castle nut has a torque spec! And it’s a lot lower than what I likely had been grunt-torqueing them to! Factory spec is 32 to 41 foot-pounds. Steering. (8. Technology Comparison ALS Switch • Compatible with standard steel tube • +10 to +30 VDC power requirement Torque specs for the 95-04 model year Toyota Tacoma trucks. 7 104 B17A1 92-93 14,23 FT/LBS 56 FT/LBS 22,61 FT/LBS Torque the Nut to Manufacturer Specifications Many modern suspension systems use aluminum steering knuckles, resulting in a steel stud being tightened into an aluminum knuckle. Tie Rods. 2 angle spacers goes on both sides of tie rods, outer diameter 24mm, inner 16mm. I am not sure but I guess that the 15 series is the RWD models and the 25/35 is the AWD models with the 35 series being the 6l engine while the 25 series is the 5. Torque. billy17 · Registered. Apr 30, 2008. 14. Bolt-on Fitment . Torque Wrench settings. MEYLE part numbers are 316 020 0007/HD and 316 020 0008/HD. save. Looking at the erWin . 1 Galvanised, lightly oiled X 1. Apr 30, 2011 · On page 3A-4 they show the toe-in adjustment as loosening a lock nut between the inner tie rod and the outer tie rod, which holds the tie rod end. Compatibility. 48 . Rod Bolts. 9? The standard torque for 8. Front axle hub nut x Front drive shaft. Piston… The Milwaukee Cylinder Suspension Brake Body Tie-rod end lock nuts 44 N·m (4. Thanks. FT/LBS (Unless specified) Front Suspension: Rear Axle: Front Wheel Bearings 12 Differential Cover Bolts 50. Soilmec SM-14 is a multipurpose drilling rig. tie rod )and camber plates are pre set by Wisefab. 2. ) Bolts, clutch cover 4. Part numbers are. 0 Zinc Plated, lightly oiled X 0. I'm going to replace the inner and outer ends along with a factory alignment afterwards. Brake . bwise. TTY ball joint and tie-rod studs have two advantages. Connecting Rod Bolts. 91. Find out how to access AutoZone's Torque Specifications Repair Guide for 300, 300C & Magnum 2006-2008, Charger 2006-2008. #3 · Jun 3, 2009. outer main cap bolt 40 ft. Head or Cap Mounted Switch Tie Rod Mounted Switch Tie rod mounted switches are lower profile than head and cap mounted styles. 3 : Swingarm Pivot Shaft: 15 : Swingarm Pivot Shaft Nut: 79. Kazama tie rods and tie . 1998 S14 Nissan 200SX. 5L and 2. 0 kgf·m, 80 lbf·ft) Nov 19, 2014 · Anything less will allow the bolts to be loaded and unloaded by the load on the cylinder, which can fatigue the tie rods over time. Install adjusting cap and tighten until any of it's grooves aligns with the hole in the spindle and insert the cotter pin. #1. comments. Coupling pinch bolt. These replacement tie rod ends are just what you need to ensure the safety and integrity of your vehicle's suspension and steering. Mounting bolts Ball joints to upper "A" arm and Lower control arm, 20 - 25 ft lbs. TIGHTENING TORQUE CHART : For other bolts and nuts listed previously, refer to this chart. Once the outer Tie Rod End is long/short enough, tighten down the . Jul 26, 2006 · Stabilizer Shaft Link Nuts 72 N·m 53 lb ft AIR Pipe-to-Exh Man Bolts 20 15 --. 1,254. 2,396. I . Every minute spent angry is a happy minute lost for ever and ever!!! :bigsmile: :smilie_flagge17 rives 2016 Cocoa Buick Encore 1. General: Lug Nuts 90–110 ft⋅lbs Body Bolts 35–50 ft⋅lbs Brake Hos All lenghts ( exc. 2) Loosen clamp bolts. Pontiac Deck Height = 10. • Unlock the steering wheel before jacking up the vehicle. A320. Except where noted, all torque specifications listed are in Foot-pounds / Newton-meters. Caliper Carrier: 92 ft-lbs (big ones, small ones are 26 ft-lbs) Struts: 70 ft-lbs. Ball Joint Attachment Nut 28. They are on a taper. Tie rods are often used with clevises and/or turnbuckles. May 20, 2004 · 256 Posts. 52 N-m (38 ft. 173. 3 Block Drain Bolt - 61ft-lb Connecting Rod Bolts - 18ft-lb + 90* Crankshaft Pulley Bolt - 181f Parker’s Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinders Series 2H/2HD and Series 3H/3HD, and non-tie rod Series 2HB/3HB are 3,000 psi heavy duty industrial cylinders that set the standard for durability, performance and long cylinder service life. 401-2037 - left outer tie rod end. Steering Linkage Outer Tie Rod End Stud Nut (1st Pass) 20 N·m 15 lb ft AIR Rt Side Pipe Bracket-to-head Bolt 50 37 --. I have been unable to find the torque spec for tightening the castle nut which holds the tie rod end to the steering knuckle. 1/2 UNF on tie rod. I changed my inner/outer tie rods a few weeks ago. Standard available shop tools can be used to remove the rod bushing and seals without disturbing the torque on the tie-rods, assuring performance quality with maintenance ease. You can make up them till 7mm (powered by Max, Uras are 6mm) height to be “safe” on stock rods, don’t forget using locktite. Rolled threadsand high strength tie rod nuts are used on all cylinders. m). 91 MB 420sel, 93 190E 2. Sep 28, 2014 · Does anyone know the torque spec for the 12-point nut on the tie rod end for the B8/B8. Oct 31, 2013 · I researched online and found 65 was the torque for the tie rod. If you see an initial torque spec along with an angle in degrees, it is a torque-to-yield (TTY) fastener. Note! Screws coated with a locking fluid or self locking nuts must be replaced with new when reinstalled. hide. Nov 02, 2012 · Tie Rod 66 ft lbs Pinch Bolt 77 ft lbs Lower Ball Joint 130 ft lbs Front Bearing (this is specific to front spindle bolt and bearing. Lower Ball Joint Nut 90 Differential Front Mounting Bolt 65. It is the responsibility of the user to verify the accuracy of this material before use. The one from the "Steering" section (SR-48 Page:2257) is 72 Nm or 53 ftlbf. Torque the 14mm top nuts to 80-90 ft-lbs, and the bottom 18mm nuts to 200-220 ft-lbs. Front Axle to frame bolt. 3 lb-ft of torque; BMW end link nuts = 58Nm or 42. Autozone repair guide says the tie rod end stud nut should be tightened to 22-29 ft/lb, while some say they tightened to 60 ft/lb . At least you can save that little information nugget for the next inner tie rod. Any reference to brand names in this publication is made simply as restricted by available tie rod mounting space. Step 5: Remove the castle nut and then knock out the tie rod end. outer main cap bolt 65 ft. Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 31, 2015. Nuts and screws which are not self locking can be . Quantity: 4 Piece. ~ 25 to 80mm longer than S14 original FLCA *Requires a 50mm+ wide body fender and our LB coil over top plate / lower mount for the most adjustability and angle clearance to 70 degrees. FAB 14 – Torque-loaded tie rods FEATURE Tie rods are torque-loaded on assembly. The user assumes all responsibility for the use of this material. 2 with Aurora Bearing - Nissan 240SX S14 & S13. 40-45 ft. Do you know if the bolts are 8. S14 S9 S4 S5 S1 B9D B9E B9G B9H B9F B15 . Road wheel to hub. 5/CVT. Read More. You may need to purchase multiple torque wrenches depending on the torque settings you are trying to achieve. Main Caps. 31 N-m (23 ft. Dana reserves the right to discontinue or to modify its models and/or procedures and to change specifications at any time without notice. If you drive a Frontier or Xterra that was made between 1998-2005, this handy guide has all the information you need to know about your torque specs. Attach tie rod ends to steering arms and connecting rod. UK66 is right, 140 to 150 ft lbs pitman arm to sector shaft. Rear Main Seal. Anyone have that spec? Jan 01, 2014 · If you look at their catalogue they don't mention a front rack end slash tie rod for RWD R33 . Joined Apr 26, 2014. Sep 16, 2021 · Tie rod end sub-assembly x Steering knuckle (4WD and Pre-Runner) 91. I am also curious about the spec for the attachement of the strut to the Tie Rod ends. The small ones that hold it to the Arm and the other that is the lock bolt that holds it to the wheel assembly. Aug 19, 2010 · 1-While I was bolting the drive side inner tie rod end, I was torquing it to 35-40lbs and it stripped the ball stud. TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. Nov 10, 2017 · Tie rod end sub-assembly × Steering knuckle: 49 N·m (36 ft. This adjustment sets the pre load on the wheel bearings. I'm not talking about the jam nut for the tie rod end. 52. 401-2225 - inner tie rod (w/o duster) 401-2036 - right outer tie rod end. 9 Galvanised, degreased X 2. Thread into the rack needs to be 16mm x 1. -lb. Shock absorber to Lower torsion arm nut. 8 N. I checked the FSM (2004) and noticed that two different torque settings are given for the tie rod end castle nuts. The GKTECH S14 240sx/S15 Silvia SR20 engine torque dampners do as the name suggests, they dampen the movement of the engine under load. both sides of the power steering unit. Make Liter CID Engine Model Year Rod Torque Main Torque Cylinder Head Bolt Torque ACURA 1. The new MEYLE-HD tie rod end features a number of technical improvements compared to the OE part: increased ball head diameter from 28mm to 30mm provides . Dec 08, 2020 · It was like magic. On the other hand if it was torqued to 15 ft-lb, there will be a disaster waiting and if it was tried to torque to 80 ft-lb, the threads might get stripped. Volvo S60 2001-2009 Suspension Torque Specs. fit (Most other 'premium" rods ends) is the equivalent as being able to move the ball with your finger tips ** Tie Rod tested after 3 years of normal in use service of on and off trail usage Jun 02, 2009 · Registered. Tie Rod Nut 36 (49) Wheel Lug Nut 76 (103) ECHO ABS Speed Sensor Bolt Axle Shaft Hub Nut 159 (216) Lower Control Arm-To-Ball Joint Bolt/Nut 105 (142) Tie Rod Nut 36 (49) Wheel Lug Nut 76 (103) Tighten bolt to 71 INCH lbs. TOYOTA. Had front end alignment on my 2014 JKU & want to check to make sure torgue setting are right on the two 15mm nuts that secure the Drag Link Turn Buckle & the one 15mm nut that secures the Tie Rod Clamp. Particularly useful in a drift car where the car is off and on the throttle although all forms of motorsport will see an improvement in the feel of the car but without the drastic increase in vibrations that using solid engine mounts will see. Below you will find a list of common torque specs for the 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO. As shown in catalog Figure 45-05, Front Steering Gear & Link, the inner tie rods aren’t sold separately from the steering gear assembly, for which the Repair Manual disassembly and reassembly procedures cover only the . Step 6: The outer tie rod can now be twisted off and replaced with the new inner tie rod. Thanks This inner tie rod removal tool set makes it easy to replace inner tie rods without removing the rack and pinion. -sway bar end link top nut 27ftlbs bottom nut 75ftlbs. 62" . It makes peak torque and over 300kW from just above 5000rpm all the way through to almost 9000 . Hold the inner tie rod fixed and turn the Turnbuckle so as to thread in/out the FK Rod End (5). Jan 03, 2020 · Sheet1 Torque (lb ft),Notes Suspension Front Suspension steering column shaft bolt,21 front stabilizer bar link lower nuts,46 tie rod end nut,35 exhaust pipe hanger assembly bolts,18 engine roll restrictor bolt,63 front subframe bracket bolts,35 braket to front subframe bolts,46 rearward front s. -Upper control arm to frame 97ftlbs/ball joint 60ftlbs. fatigue-free construction ensures long . Torque specifications for 68-72 Corvettes. The inner's are shot on our 2011 Outback 2. It probably helps that I always use a generous amount of antiseize compound on the outer tie rod end. Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 6, 2005. 5 5. 3 lb-ft of torque; BMW ball joint nut = 60Nm or 44. I replaced my outer tie rod ends. Joined Sep 17, 2008. See the table below to find the tightening torques for components not included in the summary. APPLICATION. Main Cap Bolts. Access our Nissan Frontier, Xterra 1998-05 Torque Specifications Repair Guide Main Bearing Torque Sequence by creating an account or signing into your AutoZone Rewards account. ) This spec is for both the connection at the steering arm and also for the connection to the relay rod. Front disc brake caliper assembly x Steering knuckle (4WD and Pre-Runner) 123. Discussion Starter · #1 . I am in the process of replacement of front end ball joint and track rod end rubber boots on my LC 100. Specified Torque (lb. Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger 2006-2008 Torque Specifications Repair Guide. FT-LBS (N-m) AXLE SPINDLE NUT. Outer tie-rod to lower ball joint: 67 ft-lbs Inner tie-rod to rack: 76 ft-lbs Tie-rod end lock nut: 41 . Mar 15, 2013 · Always make sure to check the service information to get the right torque for a suspension component no matter what type of fastener. Thanks for the response SolarEagle, the tierod material are either one of the following 1144, 4140 HT or 1045 and heat treated to give sufficient strength. 5 32 Plug, top fork 1450-4500 29 1 32 12 to 15 86 to 108 Bolt, bottom cover 9862-2535 10 1. ) torque spindle nut to 24 ft lbs while spinning brake rotor. i want to replace my outer tie rod end in my mkiv jetta; does anyone know the torque spec for the tie rod end NUT??? i bought the OEM part and the nut seems to the type that has some plastic on the end of the threads. What . Mar 31, 2015 · Registered. 60 Nm; Part Numbers. Apr 08, 2020 · BMW Front End Refresh Torque Specs: BMW ball joint bolts = 60Nm or 44. • Available in 1. S12 Tie Rod Zinc Plated Carbon Steel or 316 Stainless Steel . F593. 16. 1/4 UNF x 1/2 setscrew. Ball joints, tie rod nuts, control arms, strut rods, etc. Any of the 8J or 8. P2M NISSAN S13/S14 PRO OUTER TIE RODS . Tie Rod End:37 ft-lbs. 0 Zinc Plated, as supplied X 1. 12 Pitman Arm Retaining Bolt (TRW Gear Only) 3/4" - 10 x 4" Gr 5 125 - 150 Jan 18, 2018 · Does anybody know or have the torque specs to the tie rod assemblies. Back off nut 45 degrees. Sep 17, 2017 · 2006 Buick Lacrosse CXL I'm replacing the outer tie rod. Check torque is 25-29 ft. 2437" Pontiac 301 Deck height - 9. connecting rod bolt 38-44 ft. 0 N. maximapitko · Registered. There is a table of torque specs at the end of the alignment section on page 3A-6. so is there a torque spec, or just tighten the heck out of it??? D-MAX D1 SPEC Tie Rod End - S13, S14, S15 Silvia Set of brand new D-MAX D1 SPEC Tie Rod End for the Nissan Silvia S13, S14 and S15. Tightening spec is 70 N*m (52 lb-ft) in the figure and 63 N*m (46 lb-ft) in the text. Technology Comparison ALS Switch • Compatible with standard steel tube • +10 to +30 VDC power requirement They come in 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1’2″ drive. What is the torque specs for the outer tie rod end? Reply 1: Good afternoon. Axle Nut:195 ft-lbs. 0L. 95-105 ft. Back nut off 2 turns. ENGINE BLOCK TORQUE SPECS Alternator Power Nut - 9ft-lb Alternator Pulley Lock nut - 81. ~ Heim joint sway bar link is adjustable length, with 4 mounting holes and a variety . I'm not shy about using good-and-tight as a torque spec, but this is an aluminum alloy I'm working with so it would be nice to be right. Tie rod torque specs. S38 B36/S38 B38 M12 Surface Condition Torque Adjustment Factors Plain Steel, as supplied X 1. 143" Bore Spacing - 4. Tie Rod End Nut 35 35 dry none Tie Rod . Jul 20, 2019 · Hello, Does anybody here happen to have the torque specification for the inner tie rod from the a TSM? It's for an 01 Corolla S, which I have the Hayne's for, but I only see the outer castle nut as 36 ft-lbs; I can't find the spec for the inner for the eighth gen anywhere (including google. the pre-stressing with proper torque value calculation is what I am after for assembly. 00" bores. The torque for the nut that connects the tie rod to the steering knuckle . 296. S13 tie rod ends: M12 x 1,25 S14 tie rod ends: M14 x 1,5 S15 tie rod ends: M12 x 1,25 Aug 27, 2009 · To take this particular tie-rod end case, ff instead of 27 ft-lb, it was torqued to 40 ft-lb, nothing bad will happen. These are made from 6061-T6 Duralumin. I am looking for the torque where the outer tie rod connects. Mar 26, 2014 · The torque for these bolts . I'd hope you settled for some thread locker and some over torqueing it to whatever feels unreasonably tight by now though. Sep 25, 2015 · 1968 4020 Diesel Tie Rod Torque Specs. 3-3) • Viton PolyPak seals avail-able on N5 for special fluids or temperatures to 400°F SM-14. -outer tie rod end 45ftlbs plus 90° turn. Torque Specs. The 00+ had a rack and pinion. 2-What is the torque spec on the Idler arm bolt to center link and the bolt from the steering box to the center link? Thank you Oct 29, 2016 · I am planning to replace outer tie rod end on my 2006 Ford Focus. Steering damper to tie rod nut. 92-97 Passat inner tie rod on left, stock on right. (NM) Actuator 60 psi 80 psi The GKTECH S14 240sx/S15 Silvia SR20 engine torque dampners do as the name suggests, they dampen the movement of the engine under load. Front stabilizer link assembly x Steering knuckle. Discussion . That is where I will find a helper to hold the adjustable wrench so I can convince myself the tie rod is tight enough. Apply anti-seize to the upper shank threads, then torque the supplied 12mm lock nut to upper . Do not listen to this idiot, It's 61 ft-lbs of torque not 134, I made the mistake of not cross checking or using my own better . Torquing with a Crowsfoot Wrench . Nov 09, 2009 · steering linkage outer tie rod nut: 35 lb-ft upper steering knuckle and hub nut: 125 lb-ft, then tighten to align the slot in the nut with the hole in the ball stud assembly [edit: this FSM torque spec is incorrect. ft) Description (size x length in inches) Ball joint to tie rod lock nut. May 22, 2020 · 92-97 Passat inner tie rod p/n MOOG EV-397. The inner tie rod removal set includes seven SAE and metric adapters to handle a variety of make and model vehicles. S14/S38 B35 M12 torque 50 Nm torque 80 Nm settling time 15 min torque 100 Nm 10AZ Cylinder head bolts Replace, wash and oil cylinder head bolts. 11/32 in. 5J ET35/38 can also be used on the rear with a 235 or smaller tyre, and some negative camber. A tie rod assembly is used to brace steel columns or heavy timber beams or used to support canopies and awnings. 8 would be 24Nm, while 10. rod studs and torque them to 35 ft-lbs plus additional tightening torque so that the nut castillations will align with the tie rod stud cotter pin holes (not to exceed 50 ft-lbs). Aug 11, 2016 · The 15 series torque is 37ft/lbs and the 25/35 series torque is 48 ft/lbs There is one torque spec for the inner tie rod-to-rack and pinion which is 74ft/lbs. Oil Pump. Dec 09, 2007 · Idler arm to relay rod stud nut 50 ft-lb plus (same as above) Tie rod end stud nuts 35 ft-lb plus additional torque to align castellation with cotter pin hole in stud (not to exceed 50 ft-lb max. The outer tie rod design with the taller shank relocates the pivot point, which also. I went to 50, and had to make about a quarter more of a turn for a moog. 4L. ISR Performance Outer Tie Rod Ends - 89-98 Nissan 240sx S13 S14 ISR Performance Tie Rode Ends are made of strengthen steel with a sold shank for improved durability, and also have the ability to. 7/16 in. Product : Strengthened Tie Rod - S13 S14 S15. May 28, 2006 · The actual specs are: Ball joint, 26 ft-lbs. This prevents the amount of modifications neede for the strut tower. It talks about the rack and pinion for the 4x2 and the 4x4. Outer tie rod is S14 bumpsteer kit. The problem is that the stud protruding out of the ball joint just spins once a certain amount of torque is reached (way before 30-40ftlbs). CAMRY (1994-92) 217 (294) CELICA (1992) & SUPRA. One of the inner tie rods came in. I don't have my service manual here at the moment. To install, thread new tie rod ends into adjusting sleeve. Check out the diagrams. 1/4 UNF bolt. 7 RECOMMENDED ASSEMBLY TORQUES Class 4. Discussion Starter · #1 · May 20, 2004. i have never known anyone that torqued castle nuts on tie rods i always just run them on with a impact gun may not be right but ive probally done 5000 rod ends and never had a problem. 8 Tie Rod Assembly Clamp Bolts 5/8" - 11 50 minimum 9 Steer Arm to Tie Rod Assembly 7/8" - 14 125 - 135* 10 Brake Chamber to Brake Bracket 5/8" - 11 x 1. Download TSB 980202 on Engine bearing Specs in Pdf Format . The rod bushing or rod seals can be inspected or serviced by merely removing the cap screws and retainer plate on most models. SPECIFICATIONS: Included: Tie Rod x2 (No Rod End) COMPATIBILITY NOTES: - Use Tein Strengthened Tie Rod together with Tein Strengthened Rod End (Part number TRS01-N2020 discontinued). Harmonic Balancer (10 mm) Feb 24, 2004 · Doing tie rod ends. 1 Heavily greased X 0. Second, the clamping loads are . Hello I wanted to ask if anyone knows the torque specs for inner and outer tie rods on a 1997 Honda CR-V. Part Num. Spin the jamb nuts outward and apply a few drops of blue thread locking compound to the threads where the nuts will tighten. Does anyone have or know where I can find these values. Specifications: FRONT Tie Rod End Kit includes: (2) - FRONT OUTER Tie Rod Ends - LH (Driver Side) & RH (Passenger Side) - 16mm Thread. This fit is equivalent to an 8 inch long bolt being centered on the rod end, and pulling on it as hard as you can and still barely move at all! An 8"lbs. 5 Allen 8 4. Spin wheel several turns in each direction to seat bearing. Water Pump. . I will add more items as questions and requests arise. Aug 30, 2012 · New and technically optimised MEYLE-HD tie rod ends for the latest BMW 1 and 3 Series models have been added to our product range. Click to expand. without loosening the tie rods • See Page 7 for excep-tions Long Life Urethane Rod C Seals • Urethane “Ultra-Seal” standard through 8” rod diameters on N5 cylinders providing the optimum in long life and sealing up to 200°F (see Fig. Re: Outer/Inner Tie Rods - Torque Specs? [47-51 ft-lbs] So after reading that, i gather that the spec is between 47 and 51, and then make it tighter only until you can get the cotter pin in, but DO NOT exceed 80lbs. share. The torque of 30Nm also sounds about right for an M8 bolt. My restoration manual said to torque the nuts to 30 to 40 ft lbs. Suzuki : Torque Specs. You should be able to re-use. 9 would be 34Nm. So you tighten them with a standard length wrench , then you increase the torque to align the cotter key hole with the castlated nut. A). 5 32 Bolt, top linking plate 9866-2535 10 1. Moto Guzzi Torque Specifications (V7 Sport, T, and T3) Description Specifications Torque kgm Torque ft/lbs Part Number Bolt, bottom yoke securing 9866-2535 10 1. Our Tie Rod Calculator will quickly determine rod lengths when given overall pin-to-pin dimensions of a tie rod assembly. 1 lb-ft of torque; BMW tie rod end pinch bolt = 40Nm or 29. These torque specs were taken from International Harvester's Service Manual for a late model Scout II. 70. restricted by available tie rod mounting space. Aug 05, 2014 · The metal bracket I'm talking about is on page 847 along with the torque specs. (7. Dec 07, 1998 · Tie Rod End -Inner, Sleeve Clamp Bolts: 55 Nm : Tie Rod End -Inner, castellated nut: 90 Nm : Tie-rod end-to-front knuckle nut: 52 lb/ft, 70 Nm : Torque Converter Drain Plug: 12 Nm : Torque converter retaining nuts: 35 Nm : Track bar-to-lower mounting bracket nut: 406 lb/ft, 550 Nm : Track bar-to-upper mounting bracket nut: 406 lb/ft, 550 Nm . connecting rod bolt 40-45 ft. Torque-Ft-Lbs. Aug 15, 2012 · Project LS2 S14 at present: img_4303 by eric. Actual values may vary depending on specific models, please double check values for your specific application. -lower ball joints 60ftlbs. Use blue lock-tight on the threads that go into the rack, and anti-sieze on the threads that go into the outer tie rod end. 2nd one was open box with random wrong one put in it. 50" - 6. Does anyone have this spec or know where I can find it? I used to look in the Haynes manual, but the auto stores no longer keep them in stock. Upper Ball Joint Nut 70 Driveshaft to Pinion Flange 15. Jan 14, 2013 · Since GM replaces the whole rack when an inner tie-rod goes bad there is no listing for torque specs in the manual. Try that before you spend the big bucks. )Tie rod end sub-assembly lock nut: 74 N·m (55 ft. 5 cars? Mar 26, 2017 · Assuming this actually means inner tie rod, as the rest of the world calls it, the torque spec they gave was 55 lb ft. Shock absorber to side plate nut. If someone could do that for me that would be awesome (i could copy, paste, print, take outside, & torque!) Thanks! :smile: tie rod. The 97-99 Dakotas has a steering gearbox. Cylinder Head Bolts. Using puller and appropriate adapters from Ball Joint Tool Kit (J-34503), remove tie rod ends from steering arms and connecting rod. Bolts, clutch cover 2. Bolt Torque Spec Chart for Chevy Small Block Chevy Fastener Type Torque Spec 7/16 in. Timing Belt Tensioner and Idler Pulley. I put the MotoFab 2" level kit on my 2020 1500 Bighorn 4X4 and it looks great, but the directions had very limited info on torque values when putting the front end back together. Tighten bolt to 69 INCH lbs. is 134 ft-lbf. Attached is the specs for the steering for you. The following charts are for reference only. the only one I didn't find was the inner tie rod. Torque ft-lb: Remarks: Front Axle Clamp Bolts: 15: AL: Front Fork Top Plugs: 26 : Lower Front Fork Clamp Bolts: 17: AL: Lower Rear Shock Absorber Nut : 25 : Piston Rod Guide Case: 66 : Rear Shock Absorber Bracket Nut: 44 : Swingarm Pivot Adjusting Collar Locknut: 72. 928. Tightening torque. S. JIML82. Jan 30, 2019 · SOURCE: torque specs. then torque to 24 ft lbs while spinning rotor. Toyota torque specifications. Component. Rear Tie Rod to Frame: 260 . I am curious to learn what the torque specs are for the big giant bolts that connect the strut to the hub assembly. First, they can weigh less and still apply the same clamping loads. Over 6,000 Automotive Torque Specs. Note that since both the FK Rod End and the inner tie rods are right hand thread, threading in/out the FK Rod End will in turn thread out/in the buckle on the inner tie rod side. back off one half turn. 110 Nm Self-locking nut, outer tie rod. 3/8 in. 0 Plain Steel, degreased X 2. 3. ) . Clutch (1997 - 2006) If you choose to replace your Wrangler’s clutch yourself you will need these specs along with those of the transfer case, transmission, and belly pan. 157 · Registered. Torque specifications for 68-82 Corvettes. Column lower assembly to bracket. Jul 24, 2012 · 1,752 Posts. then final torque is only 17 inch . General tightening torque. Hello Welcome! The torque spec for the tyrod ends are 45 foot pounds. At 3000 psi, a 4" cylinder can develop a little less than 38,000# of force, so you'd want a minimum of 10,000# of tension in each rod. Apr 23, 2017 · Hello, I just replaced the front struts on our 2003 Honda Element. May 10, 2013 · On the 620 tighten 25-29 ft. 6 97 D16A1 86-89 23 FT/LBS 40 FT/LBS 22, 47 FT/LBS ACURA 1. Translated from German, it says "tie rod lever to strut". Get this and all your JDM at RHDJapan!! Brand: Tein. Its modular design is engineered for the execution of: Micropiles, Tie-backs, Jet-grouting, Drain, Water wells. Can anyone provide a link to these two torque specs? K-SERIES CYLINDER HEAD TORQUE SPECS* OEM Cylinder head bolts: 39Nm (29ft/lbs), 90 deg + 90 deg (One extra 90 deg on new bolts)"ARP HEAD BOLTS"ALL K SERIES Clean block thread holes till dry lube top nut threads only with 10w30 or ARP Molly lube then use 5/16 allen key to torque studs to 10 SM-14. Ensure the jam nut is tight on the hex rod. Miata Torque Specifications (Originally compiled by the San Diego Miata Club). TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS [ FRONT SUSPENSION SYSTEM ] TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS May 10, 2013 · On the 620 tighten 25-29 ft. Feb 19, 2014 · In reply to #1. lbs. Sep 05, 2020 · Gas 2001 f250 tie rod torque specs Discussion in ' 1999 - 2007 Ford F250+ Super Duty Forum ' started by neil1218 , Sep 5, 2020 . pdf on steering, I can find any torque spec in that system except for the bolt that holds the tire rod to the steering knuckle. BTW, expected delivery time for RAYBESTOS parts is just two days and the price is about 1600 rub ($55) Nov 08, 2008 · Need some torque Specs? Hey Now. Download Torque Specs in Pdf Format. Tie Rod End To Steering Knuckle 60 Ft-Lbs 720 . Torque angle 45 degrees Main bearing caps Main bearing screws M60 / M62 Screws have to be replaced, do not wash off coating. Torque specs for tie rod end/castle nut. inner main cap bolt 70 ft. ET20 is the optimum offset for a “flush” fitment, whilst higher offsets give a more traditional fitment. The rig is fitted with proportional, hydraulic servo-assisted controls that make the operations smooth. 67. Tie Rod & Ball Joint Removal & Installation, Repair Replace with Torque specs, Great video if you want to save some money DIY your Tie Rods or Ball joint rep. Joined Oct 23, 2008 Posts 4,434 Reaction score 1,633 . 3 engine. 5/16 UNF "U" bolt. The set is constructed of forged steel and comes organized in a custom case for easy storage and transport. Install the cotter pins and bend the ends to secure. When installing the tie rod end nut into the knuckle, it is important to torque the nut to manufacturer specs and avoid overtightening the nut. The description and specifications contained in this service publication are current at the time of printing. Remove tie rod ends from adjusting sleeve noting the number of turns. M. No need to adjust before alignment Installing the camber plates Maximum tightening torque 50Nm There are 10mm spacer plates included with the camber plates (Fig. 3" long, Passat inner is 14. ) Nut, clutch master cylinder. 5 32 Jun 05, 2011 · Sometimes originals can be out of stock but you can replace them with RAYBESTOS analogs. Re: Tie Rod Torque Question (Hydraulic Cylinder) 02/19/2014 2:45 PM. 55-60 ft/lbs sounds about right, if memory serves. 7 : Tie-Rod Nuts . These specific ones are ISR. Both M14-1. 5 lb-ft of torque; BMW tie rod end ball joint nut = 80Nm or 59 lb-ft of . Sep 02, 2021 · PONTIAC TORQUE/ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS. 6 ISO Metric Coarse Pitch Bolts & Screws Bolt Tension . I still go by feel and common sense, but if you were to measure the torque, I am sure I am going beyond the minimum spec. 38. Stock inner rod about 14. 5/16 UNF x 1 1/4 bolt. Mar 01, 2004 · TDI. : TRS01-N2010. < Previous Thread | Next Thread > Feb 02, 2007 · Does anyone have a list of torque specs that they could type down for the suspension components. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 3 of 3 Posts. ·. 16 Posts. I also picked up a fascinating fact from the factory service manual. 78". Feb 24, 2004 · Doing tie rod ends. Touge Factory TF Extended Outer Tie Rods V. is it ok to put the cotter pin and leave it like that or I need to replace the tie-rod right away. 9. 6 Joined Jul 25, 2008 · 343 Posts . Steering Ball joints nut (M12) Steering Ball joints nut (M10) Wheel bearing clamp nut (prior to adjusting axial play) Tie rods (slotted) nut. Current mod list: Powertrain:-LS2 engine rebuild by Richard Holdenor out of Cali-forged pistons and rods from CP and Carillo -Brian Tooley Racing Camshaft-Hooker S14 Engine Mount Swap kit-Hooker Stainless S14 LS 1 7/8'' swap headers, Y into 3'' single out with Hooker Aerochamber Muffler-OEM LS7 clutch/pressure plate from . Six in a row makes it go, REAL FAST!!:devil: Aug 04, 2015 · Aug 4, 2015. Joined May 12, 2015 · 57 Posts . is 36 ft-lbf. Part Details. Anyone have that spec? Jun 12, 2017 · Once your starting length is set, install both ends with the anti-wobble bushing between the tie rod and steering arm. Dec 09, 2020 · B2200 Engine Torque Specs. Rack mounting' to frame. ADVANTAGES Pre-loading of the tie rods imposes a compressive force on the cylinder tube which counters the tensile forces generated by system pressure. Oil Sump / Pan. 2007 2 Dr GTI - Candy White. It's called the "tab washer" and essentially is a round washer with opposide points of the diameter bent over the flats of the inner tie rod, locking the tie rod in place. Does anyone have this. s14 tie rod torque specs